October Fitness Challenge

Starting October 1st StrongHold will be hosting our 4th annual Fitness Challenge.

When: October 1st - October 31st

Cost: $25 per participant

Includes: Unlimited Boot Camps or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes (Monday - Saturday)

Challenge Prizes

1st Place - 2 Free Months

2nd Place - 1 Free Month

3rd Place - 1 Free Month

Sign up with Coach Wade and schedule your registration time.

wade.barden@gmail.com or 608-617-5134

Jiu Jitsu Double Date Night 9/13/17

Why do we learn Jiu Jitsu?

Get in shape, Be part of a team, Physically test you body and mind... YES. 

But also learn how to defend ourselves and our families if the situation called for it. So we want to share what we love with the ones we love. 

We will be learning basic and effective self defense skills. We will cover escapes, control positions and a few submissions.

Come join us Wednesday September 13th at 7pm   

Looking forward to seeing you all there


Coach Wade

Bring a Friend Day

Wednesday September 6th is Bring a friend day!

We all love Boot Camp, Jiu Jitsu and mat monsters (kids Jiu Jitsu) so lets share it with our friends and family! Bring you Friends and show them how much fun you have at StrongHold-Athletics.

Boot Camp 5am and 5pm

Adult Jiu Jitsu 9am and 7pm

Kids Jiu Jitsu (Mat Monsters) 5-6 yr old's 4pm, 7-12 yr old's 6pm

Come in and join the team for some FUN on the Mats.

Coach Wade

StrongHold-Athletics Open House

Hello Everyone,

On Friday Aug 25 2017 we will be opening up our facility to anyone that has been interested in trying any of our programs.

We offer:

Adult fitness boot camps at 5am and 5pm

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 9am and 7pm

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Mat Monsters) 5-6 yr old's at 4pm, 7-12 yr old's 6pm

Come Join us for our Open House!

Coach Wade